Since 1979, we have been giving our guests the chance to enjoy the calm sea waters of the region, the carelessness of holidays and the pleasure of delicious food by stopping time, here… in Agia Galini.

The hotel’s traits are the family environment and the remarkable quality of the region, which are clearly discernible as soon as you visit us.


Stochos Rooms, Studios, Apartments

Wonderful studios!

During your vacation, in hotel STOCHOS you will be enjoying the unobstructed view to the Libyan Sea, along with the comfort and the facilities of our (recently renovated) studios.

The location of STOCHOS Studios is ideal, just a stone’s throw from the beach and a few minutes’ walk from the centre of Agia Galini, through a scenic route by the sea..

Stochos Tavern

Tavern with foods that will fascinate you!

The Cretan cuisine by Ms. Anna like you have never tasted it before.

All the Cretan traditional appetizers (from mini myzithra cheese pies, sour myzithra cheese pastries, snails etc.), as well as fresh fish, meat from the mountains of Psiloritis and tasty raki (produced by us) will give you one more reason to go overboard once again

Stochos Rooms, Studios, Apartments

Agia Galini, a place you will surely adore!

The amphitheater layout of the houses makes Agia Galini a special place, by offering a magnificent view to the harbor and the plain of Messara, while the view from the port to the village is equally impressive to the eye of the visitor.

The quaint village of Agia Galini combines harmonically mountain and sea, offering the visitor a scenery of unique beauty

Activities that will fill your day!

Your careless days in Agia Galini can become exciting through various activities that will fill your holidays with new experiences. Lots of excursions are organized by different institutions to magnificent beaches, enchanting landscapes and forests worth visiting.

Magnificent beaches near you!

As it is widely known, south Crete is full of bewitching beaches. One of them is the beach of Agia Galini.

A splendid beach with sand, small pebbles and crystal clear waters, though it is not the only one in the region. There are a lot of beaches worth visiting.