Matala beach, Heraklion Crete

Situated at a distance of 31 kilometres far from Agia Galini .The beach of Matala is situated within an area of unique natural beauty. A good number of ancient shipwrecks, mainly of the Roman period have been detected in the seabed of the area. However the most famous feature of the area are the numerous small caves dug in the rock by the winds and waves, suitable to dwell people, which used to house the hippies during the 1960s'.

All the revolted youngsters from all over the world came here to live a natural life within the caves. Today the place is considered as an archaeological site, the caves have been fenced and access and staying there overnight is not allowed.

The beach is protected enough from the strong winds blowing in the area; however, when there are winds from the West or the South, huge waves break on the coast and the spectacle is breathtaking.